Hyperactivity in children

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Today, I want to talk about hyperactivity in children.  This may also be referred to as hyperkinesis.  With the symptoms of hyperkinesis come behavioral and learning disabilities. Most of what I will say here is based upon the research done by  Dr. John Upledger at Michigan State University in the late 1960’s.  Dr. Upledger and his team of medical researchers found a common problem among preschool and grade school children.  This problem related to the compression of one of the bones at the base of the skull called the occipital condyles. This problem says Dr. Upledger is often responsible for hyperkinetic behavior, abnormal fears and an inability to concentrate for reasonable periods of time.

The solution that Dr. Upledger proposes is Craniosacral Therapy. This therapy is innocuous and cannot hurt the patient/client. Dr. Upledger goes on to say that not all of hyperkinesis, abnormal fears, and dyslexia is due to craniosacral system dysfunction.  However, some of this could be due to the craniosacral system dysfunction. When the problem is craniosacral system dysfunction, improvement in brain function after several craniosacral therapy sessions, is prompt dramatic, and lasting.

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