“I recently had a water massage done by Barb Boxwell from Midland Myofascial Release and Therapeutic Massage, LLC.  I was having problems with my shoulder, and as she worked on my hips my arms rotated back into a normal position. It was very relaxing as she worked on me.  I would highly recommend this type of therapy.  It is different from a regular massage because you are floating in the water and this helps to relax you. You also have more room to let your body move and go where it wants to go and unwind. The water therapy was much more relaxing than regular massage because you don’t have the pressure from a table underneath you. When she was done I felt like I was floating on air. I can’t wait to have another water massage done.” 
Beth from Saginaw 2014

“Thank you for the massage. When you worked on my shoulder it felt better and gave me energy. I felt better and was able to sleep better. I can’t wait to see you again for another massage”  Devern age 9

“Barb is wonderful! Any problem I have had that is either old or new pain she has been able to help me.  This is a very gentle touch and the result is AMAZING.  If you have had any sort of pain or injury give her a call – old or new injuries she may help more than you think”   Sally

“Barb is AMAZING! I have had back pain for several years due to a few car accidents and I am amazed at how much she has been help me in such a short amount of time.  Myofascial Release is such a gentle and effective way to relax muscles and provide sage natural relief.  I am so thankful for her great service and I highly recommend her!”    Holly